Knowledge for life

It’s the Barwick old boys and old girls association. Barwick 88 Celebrates the rich and life changing primary school days experience. The Barwick 88 reunion weekend is held every second weekend of April, through various activities such as tennis, tag rugby, cricket, swimming, hiking and cycling. Members spend the weekend reminiscing of their past and catching up with each other’s lives. Barwick 88 reunion revelers either set up camp or book hostels for accommodation for the weekend.  The reunion weekend culminates to a fund-raising event for a chosen cause with music and good food.






Knowledge for life 

Where We Belong

Barwick school is a member of the association of trust school (ATS). The Association of Trust School is a collective of trust owned, not for profit Independent schools in Zimbabwe. Like other ATS member school, Barwick school enjoys its full subscription towards the association’s quality measures, ethical conduct business acumen and best practices in education. All Heads of ATS member schools upon due procedure are admitted into the Conference of Heads of Independ school of Zimbabwe ( CHISZ). The Heard Master Of barwick School is a member of CHISZ.