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Admission Policy


Barwick is a Co-Educational Multicultural Independent Primary Weekly Boarding School rooted in the diversity of Zimbabwean Culture. In accordance with the school’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy, admission is open to any child heedless of race, social class, origin, ethnicity, or nationality. As an Independent School, the ability of parents to pay the fees is a consideration. There are however a limited number of bursaries that can be applied for.

Step 1

Complete the online application form.

Step 2

At the end of the registration process, you will be prompted to pay a non-refundable Application Fee via the given Payment Options. A confirmation email will be sent to the applicant.


Step 3

You will be asked to upload various documents.


Step 4

Reference Checks will be made of the parents

Step 4

Upon successful Reference Checks, you and your child will be invited to meet the Headmaster, see the school, and allow your child to take up a Class Readiness Assessment.

Step 6

An offer of admission will be made in writing stating the fees and all requirements needed to secure a place.


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We accept children into Grade 00 in the year they turn 4. There is one class of 10 children.  The admission process begins in February and applicants are invited to the school with their parents for an interview. The children are observed in social interaction with their parents and spend time at an activities table.

We accept children into Grade 0 in the year they turn5. There is one class of 10 children.  The admission process begins in February and applicants are invited to the school with their parents for an interview. The same interview process is followed as for Grade 00.

In Grade 1 there is one class of 18 Children.  This means that there are an additional 8 places available. A school readiness assessment is administered on the children to determine Learner needs.

Entry into other Grades at the Barwick will be subject to vacancies and will follow an interview and will include Class Readiness and Remedial Assessments. Our Classes have a maximum of 18 Children per class.

What is my total cost?

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Barwick School Fees Policy

School fees are reviewed annually in November for the new academic year ahead and are published by the Board of Governors to advise parents of the fee increases. However, in a hyper- inflation economic environment as has been experienced in Zimbabwe recently, School Fees are reviewed regularly mostly every school term, by the Board of Governors.



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