About barwick school

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About Barwick school

At Barwick we believe in an Education culture that creates global learning opportunities for all and specifically for the excluded and vulnerable. Our way of teaching focuses on developing learning experiences that encourage the use of imagination, feelings, discovery, wonderment as well as the mind experience.

Recognizing that a good education takes into account all the dimensions of the whole person: physical, mental, affective, concrete, social and spiritual, we accept that innovation is crucial in shaping learners’ understanding of themselves as global citizens. We therefore acknowledge that 21st Century holistic education requires the use of ICT and related technologies as well as applicable teaching and learning methodologies. Blended Teaching and Learning is therefore our critical approach for educating at Barwick. The psycho-pedagogy of care is also embedded in our curriculum and programs and we define the soul of Barwick when we say, “Barwick is a Caring School”.  

Vision & Values

To be an innovative and inclusive 21st Century Zimbabwean School that develops global citizens with skills that transform the lives of children and their and communities through a comprehensive and holistic curriculum.


Our Mission

To provide affordable global education and learning opportunities for many through innovative and sustainable curriculum options and programs that embrace diversity and context.




Years of Experience





Where We Belong

Barwick school is a member of the association of trust school (ATS). The Association of Trust School is a collective of trust owned, not for profit Independent schools in Zimbabwe. Like other ATS member school, Barwick school enjoys its full subscription towards the association’s quality measures, ethical conduct business acumen and best practices in education. All Heads of ATS member schools upon due procedure are admitted into the Conference of Heads of Independ school of Zimbabwe ( CHISZ). The Heard Master Of barwick School is a member of CHISZ.