Musical & Choral

Music generally acts as a vehicle for transmitting cultural aspects in children. It is also a platform for developing and nurturing talent in children though oral work, choral work and general theory of music. Here at BARWICK music forms the backbone of our assemblies, plays and important events. The school traditions and aspirations are highlighted in the school’s song. Right across the mainstream, from grade 1-7, all the children are given the chance to experience music through a variety of activities.

The choir is a voluntary activity for children from Grade 5 and 6 and they take part in the Eisteddfod and various festivals. Every year the infants play is a spectacular, musical production. Every Tuesday children have hymn singing where all the grade 3-7 take part. This creates a platform where the children can practice for events in the schools calendar and assemblies. 

The Music Club is focused on nurturing and enhancing children's musical talents using a variety of musical instruments.