Parents Teachers Association


  • Teachers and every parent/guardian of children attending the school shall automatically be a Member of the Association
  • The Head of the School shall be an ex-officio member of the Association
  • Any member whose child ceases to be a student of the school for any reason whatsoever shall automatically lose his membership


  • To promote and encourage parents to participate in the activities of the school
  • To promote communication, understanding and good relations between the school management, the Parents and the Ministry with a view to sharing ideas on matters of common concern and to advancing the educational, physical, moral and spiritual interests of scholars
  • To promote the welfare of the school financially, in general and where necessary to organize and conduct educational, social, spiritual programmes for the benefit of its members, scholars and the school
  • To promote and protect the good name of the school by advocating for promotion and maintenance of high academic, moral and spiritual standards
  • To provide assistance for the extension and development of the school and the welfare of its pupils
  • To promote the interests of the school 

*Please contact the school for further details.