House System

There are three houses at Barwick School, namely Horta, Mapere and Ruorka each comprising the full range of year groups. All three houses have a Housemaster who is in charge of all matters concerning the house, they are assisted by the House captains, who are appointed for each sport.



House Master: Mr C. Sitambuli

Staff: Mrs P. Engelbrecht, Miss M. Chikoromo, Mrs. T. Mahoso, Mrs B. Dube  and Mr T. Damba


Housemistress: Mrs Mukusha,

Staff: Mr N. Madondo, Mr P. Jimu, Miss C. Vutuza, Miss M. Manoah and Mrs Dickenson


House Master: Mr B Mubvumbi

Staff: Ms L. Haparimwi, Sister O. Musendo, Miss L. Mashungupa, Mrs D. Maningi and Mr T. Dinhidza