Barwick School which is located almost 100km North of Harare boasts of a scenic view of the Great Dyke and is blessed with clean country air, safe drinking water and is distanced from the woes of city life. The school was first established to cater for the needs of the farming and mining communities of the Mashonaland Central province, Barwick school has now extended to cater for the needs of children from as far as Harare, and even further beyond our country’s borders.

Barwick History 

Without a private school in Mashonaland Central Province, the idea began to form in the 1980s of building a private junior school in the area. Mining was developing rapidly, spearheaded by Anglo-American, and there was a definite demand for an institution. This was to be the beginning of Barwick School.

In 1984 the General Manager of Caesar Mine and Associate miners in the area met with local farmers and formed a development committee. Suitable land off the Barwick road was identified for the development of Barwick School where it is situated today. The site chosen was close to power, water and was serviced by a good road. It was a lovely area, full of beautiful Msasa trees, which led to the Indigenous Msasa being chosen as the emblem for school.

A massive capital injection, time and effort were dedicated, in the designing, engineering and building of the school, through a combined effort of the farming and mining communities. The office block, class rooms and hostels were completed for opening on 25th January 1988.

Within 3 years of the initial building, the school was full, the Grades were double streamed and a waiting list was formed. The school was soon competing and winning against well established schools on the sports field, in the arts and academically was on par with other elite private schools. Over the years the school has continued to grow through the support of the local community and parents. The school continues to offer an excellent education; modern sports facilities and a wide range of extra mural activities including art, music and computers. The future can only be bright…….

Barwick Today

Barwick School – an oasis – nestles comfortably in a farming area in the Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe. Standing by the hall, a great vista unfolds before your eyes from the verdant fields used for multiple sporting disciplines to the imposing Great Dyke Mountains. Today Barwick is a co-educational primary school establishment whose principal aim is to offer quality education in an atmosphere that is non-threatening and conducive to good learning, to achieve a high academic standard that will adequately prepare the children for Secondary Education.

Barwick Offers

  • A well rounded education where every encouragement is given to each pupil to develop his/her potential in academic, physical, cultural and moral areas. While the basic curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education is followed, every effort is made to give the child as wide and as useful an education as possible.
  • A happy, enjoyable environment where the school motto “Knowledge For Life” will always be the goal.
  • A high standard is strived for and attained in the teaching of the practical subjects such as Art, Music and Computers.
  • A wide range of co-curricular activities in the sporting and cultural fields where qualities of sportsmanship and cultural values will be developed to the highest levels.
  • Hostels with modern amenities which offer weekly boarding for over 200 children.

Barwick Vision

To be a self sustaining school of excellence.

Barwick Mission Statement

To provide an environment for nurturing the mind and body of well rounded pupils with leadership qualities through mentoring, coaching and life skills development.

Barwick School Client Charter

Barwick School is committed to maintain its delivery of the highest standards in the provisions of quality education to all.

Barwick School Crest